Every person, business and event has a carbon footprint, which is the amount of CO2 emissions associated with or resulting from it. For a film or photo shoot, consider the travel involved, the electricity used on site and in hotels, studios, etc. With smarter planning, using sustainable materials and reducing the distance and number of personnel traveling, you can manage and reduce this footprint. To balance out the rest, carbon offsets can be purchased.

The purchase of carbon offsets, also called carbon credits, helps finance clean energy projects that are working to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases, such as wind farms, tree planting initiatives, reforestation programs and others.

To balance out the emissions associated with your shoot, Films Without Footprints purchases carbon offsets from high quality renewable energy carbon credit providers. The result is a shoot—and ad campaign or film—that is completely carbon neutral.

We’ll also work with you to leave an environmental legacy in the market where the shoot takes place.



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