Leaving Behind An Environmental Legacy
In addition to purchasing offsets to balance out your shoot's carbon footprint, FWF also helps you and your clients leave behind an environmental legacy that will continue to protect and improve the quality of air, water and life long after the trucks and trailers have gone. As part of our service, FWF will also research and identify a local green community project working to protect, preserve or restore our natural resources. We look for projects that specifially aim to do one or more of the following:

1. Helps reduce, consume or otherwise mitigate greenhouse gas emissions
2. Works to improve air and/or water quality
3. Encourages recycling; reduce or manage waste

All participating projects are qualified and monitored by FWF to ensure they continue to be effective at improving the long term health of our environment. We’ll provide updates and status reports from time to time to share the progress made possible by your contributions. Types of projects include parkland creation and restoration, urban farms, tree planting, brownfield reclamation, bike share programs, green rooftops, conservation, clean air & water and many more.


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