Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, Films Without Footprints will guide you through the many things you can do on site to make your shoot more environmentally friendly.  From the obvious, like managing travel and on site energy use to catering, construction and even administrative services, every aspect of a shoot provides opportunities for sustainability improvements. And there's plenty of low-hanging fruit to start with.
For example, look around any set and you'll see plenty of half empty bottled water containers--wasting both water and material that likely isn't getting recycled. For qualifying shoots, FWF will provide eco-friendly stainless steel water bottles that can be filled from centrally located water coolers. Another easy step is to use generators that run on 100% biofuel, which burn cleaner and contribute almost no emissions to the atmosphere.
Films Without Footprints provides its clients with a complete best practice checklist, along with green vendor suggestions, as part of every project engagement.



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